On the side of Orleans creators

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On the side of Orleans creators

The creators and craftsmen of Orléans are full of surprising and colorful ideas. Meet these creators and their precious know-how.


Iconys is above all the desire to highlight the architectural heritage in a more modern, more trendy way. In particular thanks to flat-design, this minimalist graphic style which makes it possible to synthesize the most complex architectural subjects.

"We first work with hand drawing to define the main lines of the composition. Then comes the digital drawing where everything is reconstructed line by line based on photos, plans, and if we can by going to place to see all aspects of the architecture of the monument. Obviously being in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, our greatest source of inspiration was to begin with the castles of the Loire , and little by little the castles and the French heritage in general!
We also like to develop other media to highlight heritage, such as 3D modeling! This is how we drew a Joan of Arc in polygon or another more "Art toy" with the Joan of Art . The latter was able to serve as support for various artists and allowed us to organize an auction last September in order to finance the restoration of a painting from the Museum of Fine Arts in Orléans.
Today there are more than 50 visuals in the collection and creations are in progress every month! You can follow the new creations on Instagram ( @iconys.design ).


L' Atelier Maganoki , these are original creations, made with care and love, by hand and in Orléans !
You will find jewelry and small decorations inspired by Japan and nature: origami with papers from all walks of life (Japanese washi paper, patterned papers, recycled books and manga, etc.) to pretty flowers and plants. local encrusted in resin.


Do you like adventure and nature hikes? Leave with peace of mind thanks to the Enmode-survival hiking kit ! It's complete, light and all in one. There is a part for first aid and another with essential accessories for outdoor activities : Opinel, bic lighter, whistle, led lamp, energy bar...

Enmode-survival has chosen to bring old parachute sails back to life for the design of its kits, in a sustainable and responsible approach. Green, pink, blue or yellow, select the one that suits you best, because tastes and colors are not discussed!

All Enmode-survival kits are made in France by an ESAT to guarantee optimal and premium quality!